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Photo Finesse is a tool for adding some finishing touches to pictures
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Photo Finesse is a tool for adding some finishing touches to pictures. It has a very simple design which is easy to use. It has quite a few tools compared to other programs within the same price range, however, the ones it has are good enough for anyone looking for adding last minute changes to a photo.

Adding a photo is simple, you just have to click on the open button and add a file. Only one image can be modified at one time. At first, you can change the size of the image and the ratio. You can choose between some preset ratios or you can just create your own custom size/ratio. You can select only a part of an image if it is cropped just by clicking on it and dragging it you reach the desired area.

Then you can choose to add borders to the image. You can choose between a simple color border and you can choose between any colors you want. There are some borders within the program which you can also use, and you can create your own borders if you wish. You can also modify the width of the border as well as the Curve and Fade.

Lastly you can modify the brightness and the contrast of the image if you wish and you can add some effects. You only have 3 effects : Sepia, Canvas and Cartoon. Each has its own customizable features.

Overall, Photo Finesse is a tool that can manage your needs, however, I always had the desire to tweak my pictures a bit more and this program is quite limited with the effects and editing tools.

Dennis Niels
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  • Few effects
  • Few editing options
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